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To set up a network of pro bono lawyers in order to provide legal representation and aid to non-citizens before the French, Swiss, and transnational courts in cases of major importance to the rule of law.

To present appeals on a national and international level in cases where the enforcement of non-citizens' rights appears to have been discriminatory.


To facilitate the bringing of joint petitions


To disseminate, as required, recent legal rulings representing progress in the rule of law.


To compile and publicize the decisions and best practices of administrations when it comes to recognizing non-citizens' rights.


Making available to NGOs: The fondation's legal expertise and that of its permanent and voluntary lawyers in handling cases of major importance to the observance and strengthening of the rule of law.


The tools and methods for structuring their legal activities in order to enable effective and prompt handling of cases of major importance to observance of non-citizens' rights.

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