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Max Mamou


Member, representative of french and european authorities

Lionel Aracil

Member, representative of swiss authorities

Léon Saltiel

Member, representative of international organizations

Myriam Boumayen

Member, representative of United Kingdom





Myriam Champigny-Cohen lives in Switzerland. Albert Cohen's only child, she is the author of Book of my Father (published in French by Actes Sud). Involved for many years in defending the rights of the weakest members of society, she set up and has endowed the Foundation with the author's royalties inherited from her father.

Gérard Valbert lives in Switzerland. He is a writer, journalist, and literary critic. A friend of Albert Cohen, he has written several biographies of the writer which have become standard reference works: Albert Cohen, The Lord and Albert Cohen – The Life Force (Grasset). The most recent work is Conversations with Albert Cohen (L'Âge d'homme, 2008).

Max Mamou lives in France. A graduate of the National School of Administration and a lawyer since 1992, he is currently a member of the Paris Bar. He has variously been legal counsel to the Anti-Corruption Movement, and the Child Protection Board, and then executive director of the Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute, responsible for developing cooperation programs between the Public Prosecutor's Office and NGOs. He organized the 1995 Albert Cohen Days and the 2005 Marseille Fetes Albert Cohen Festival. Since 2004 he has headed the A vous frères humains Association, which promotes the values of respecting differences at schools through literature.

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