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Foundation bylaws - Extracts

Art. 1   Name and headquarters

The foundation, known as the “Albert Cohen Memorial Foundation,” whose registered offices are in Geneva, is hereby constituted pursuant to Articles 80ff of the Swiss Civil Code. Any transfer of the registered offices to a different location in Switzerland shall require the prior consent of the supervisory authority.

Art. 2   Object

The purpose of the Foundation is as follows:

  1. To disseminate Albert Cohen's oeuvre and output, as both a writer and international civil servant, irrespective of language, form or medium, as well as to set up a database about his life and work, to be available to researchers, and to protect moral rights to this oeuvre.

  2. To establish and award a literary or artistic prize for works and/or creative artists who have distinguished themselves by their actions or works designed to improve or highlight the status of foreigners in our societies.

  3. To defend and protect the rights of foreigners residing on the territory of Switzerland and the European Union, in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights and Additional Protocols Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 7.

  4. To provide support for non-governmental associations and organizations in defending the rights of foreigners in both Switzerland and European Union countries, and to seek documentation about the human rights situation in the countries from which the foreigners in question come.

Art. 3   Resources

The founder, Mrs. Myriam Champigny-Cohen, endows the Foundation with a CHF 50,000.00 initial capital in cash.

The capital may be augmented at any time by other donations by the founder herself or others. The Foundation's Board shall endeavor to increase the Foundation's resources by means of private or public donations.

The Foundation's resources must be managed in accordance with accepted business principles. Risk must be diversified. In so doing, resources must not be put at risk by speculation. On the other hand, they must not be managed in an over- conservative fashion.



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